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La Grande Maison,
24240 Monbazillac
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The vineyard

vignobles au petit matin

The Grande Maison wine estate in Monbazillac near Bergerac is located on a hill overlooking the beautiful banks of the Dordogne River. The historic city of Bergerac has been renowned for decades for the quality of its organic wines. You can therefore trust this vineyard to offer you exceptional organic wines that you will take great pleasure in tasting.

magnifique vignole dans la vallee
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A unique and exceptional environment

The organic wine estate near Bergerac is located in an old fortified house dating from the 14th century. You will enjoy an exceptional environment during your visit.

The vineyard is exposed to the south to get the best of the sun. The domain has a pond which is a real asset because it allows the fungus, the botrytis, to proliferate during the harvest period and which is a main element of the Monbazillac wine.

Harvesting carried out
in the rules of the art

In a preserved and magnificent area, the harvest is carried out in the rules of the art in a manual way. Each bunch of grapes is collected with the greatest delicacy in order to prepare an exceptional wine. The great majority of the production of organic wine is made in barrels.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Grande Maison, wine estate near Bergerac for organic wine.

vignes dans la vallee lieu exceptionnel