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La Grande Maison,
24240 Monbazillac
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Our history

bouteilles de vin exposées gardées par un chevalier en armure medievale

The Grande Maison wine estate in Monbazillac, as you see it today, is the result of more than 25 years of work, passion, evolution, innovation and attention to the quality of our vines and the excellence of our wines.

la cave exposition de bouteilles

The soul of the Grande Maison Monbazillac: authenticity

Since our creation, we have always kept the same line of conduct. Before organic farming became fashionable, we were sensitive to the values of organic farming.

A long time ago, we had set up processes that respected the environment. Today, we have more than 25 years of experience in organic wine production. This work and commitment has allowed us to obtain Demeter certification in 2018. This certification echoes an international movement of biodynamic agriculture. The awarding of this certification recognizes the work of farmers adopting a regenerative approach. The Demeter label has even more demanding criteria than the organic label.


Innovation, respect for our vines

We take the time to let our vines grow and work at their own pace. If, for example, the fungus necessary for the elaboration of Monbazillac (Botrytis) takes time to settle, we will harvest our organic grapes later.

If we have never abandoned our traditions, such as the delicate hand picking of our grapes, we are also open to innovations and progress. We regularly offer free, fun activities that will allow you to discover the wine world of the Grande Maison Monbazillac.